Detroiter Jerry Boykin is a Man On A Mission in his beloved city -- making a difference with the he

Detroiter Jerry Boykin is a Man On A Mission in his beloved city -- making a difference with the he
We Are One Community Unity has been a self-funded resource for those who truly need it most - feeding and clothing our homeless and less fortunate people of Detroit -- We need your help each week to continue blessing thousands of lives through our loving food ministry and youth mentoring programs. Join us -- Bring delicious food to distribute each Wednesday. | Please give what you can toward our Home For The Homeless. Currently under construction in Detroit, this home will surely be a blessing and a beautiful, desireable safe haven.

Detroit Homeless Food Ministry

Detroit Homeless Food Ministry
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Purchase Your T-Shirt To Help We are One To Feed The Homeless And Build A Home For The Homeless

Purchase Your T-Shirt To Help We are One To Feed The Homeless And Build A Home For The Homeless
I'm A Blessing T-Shirts Offer Immediate Gratification And The Opportunity To Encourage Others To Make A Difference.


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Go Fund Me - Home For The Homeless

Go Fund Me - Home For The Homeless
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

We Are One Community Unity - A Detroit Based Food Ministry And Home Building Effort For The Homeless

We Are One Community Unity -- I'm A Blessing T-Shirt-- Proceeds Help Support Our Food Ministry & Efforts To House Homeless Families Throughout Metro Detroit.

Everybody is a Blessing!  Recently, We Are One Community Unity's Founder,  Jerry Boykin decided to offer T-Shirts for sale to help ease the burden -- and assist in funding his efforts to continue feeding the homeless without fail.  For the past 5 years, Boykin's Food Ministry has been self funded.  What has developed is an energetic movement -- a decidedly beautiful blessing which is bringing  communities together in a very special way -- Throughout Detroit and around the country.

Thank You For Helping Us To Spread The Word!

For Boykin,  'WeAreOne CommunityUnity' is much more than a contemporary fad  --  more than the sandwiches he shares;    It's a ministry that the  mentor to at-risk children and 'Spirit of Detroit' Award-Recipient  is committed to.  He believes that while intervening is something many do on a whim, especially around the holidays, during moments of elevated consciousness -- these displaced men and women rely on folks to return.   And so he does, with zero unpredictability.

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We Are One Community Unity's goal is to spread as much love and hope through the community as possible, one person and one family at a time. To do this, we need and would appreciate your help and donations of any kind. Or, to volunteer on or donate to this project in another capacity, please call WAOCU 313-744-3038 for more information.

We Are One Community Unity's 
         Detroit's Architect of Compassion 

Ever observed someone  — so kind and unfettered by their surroundings —  all while doing so much good?  — No platitudinous back-patting tweets —    Uninterested by the gilded trappings of  credit, yet their generosity shouts to you as you bear witness to their sincerity and meekness.   And you think to yourself,   "He's one of the good guys."     That's what happens when you meet Jerrold Boykin,  (Facebook Jerry Boykin)  The unpretentious Commercial  | Residential Designer and Developer,  CEO of Boykin Construction.

A socially conscious mindset and a big heart for building others,  led the young father of two to answer a call to design blessings for the less fortunate.   Boykin started a food ministry and credits faith, favor and obedience as his reasons why.   It is what leads the busy father of two, to serve the homeless -- rain, sleet, snow or shine every Wednesday.   The devout Christian, who shuns accolades but wants God to shine in everything he does, is notably and deeply rooted in the Detroit community, as the architect of WeAreOne CommunityUnity, a calling he and his son,  a college student and Boys2Books Leadership Student,  have taken on without fail, for the past five years.  

Standing at their kitchen counter, Boykin Sr., and Jr.,  dutifully prepare hundreds of sandwiches Tuesday evenings, which they serve throughout their blighted city —  along with fruit, chips, bottled water, a dessert and more.

A Love For People

What others consider commendable, the nurturing samaritan considers an assignment -- treating those who come with arms stretched with nothing less than dignity.  He and his namesake's beloved 'WeAreOne Community Unity' is a ground-level, informal outreach, unladen with bureaucracy. 

Detroit Publicist, Karen Dumas recently told an auditorium of humanitarians at the Charles H. Wright Museum,  “I've rarely met anyone like Jerrold --  with intention and a heart so pure and genuine."    Dumas is often found by the side of the entrepreneur and philanthropist, along with a small but dependable group.”  Dumas goes on to say,  "While many people start similar efforts,  Boykin and his son have been an unbelievable source of consistent inspiration.  Boykin uses his food ministry to compassionately rebuild souls and revitalize hope in the hearts of Detroit's homeless.   His dedication is beyond belief, as he quietly tends to the needs of strangers, addressing each by name.”

What Motivated Boykin To Self-Fund This Ministry For The Past 5 Years?

Boykin recalls his Mom and Dad inspiring their five children to care for the less fortunate — driving through the city sharing food and prayers from the family Chevy wagon  — packed with more compassion than privilege.    Perhaps that's where the seeds of advocacy were planted.   Boykin believes, that many of America's homeless men and women at one time or another, were just like the rest of us.  Then they got sideswiped by life — and ultimately many checked out, psychologically.   It is Boykin’s hope that other’s consciousness will be elevated without ever having to personally feel such desperateness and vulnerability.

Boykin recently assured a reporter on NBC's WDIV Local 4, saying,  "Anyone can make a sandwich -- hopefully a really delicious one they'd eat themselves  -- but together,  all of us making sandwiches,  could mean a delicious difference.  

Boykin is currently rehabbing the first of many homes to house families in need. 

To volunteer, donate building supplies and or new furnishings,  call 313.744.3038

Bless You & Thank you for your support!